Specialist Medical Transport

24 Hour Control Tel: 0333 305 2323

Head Office • Unit 32 Nobel Square • Burnt Mills Industrial Estate • Basildon • Essex • SS13 1LT

Specialist Medical Transport

24 Hour Control Tel: 0333 305 2323

Head Office • Unit 32 Nobel Square • Burnt Mills Industrial Estate • Basildon • Essex • SS13 1LT

About Us

SMT Ambulance Service have a vast team of experienced NHS professionals who have delivered a 1st class customer/patient experience over many years.

We are market leaders when ensuring journeys to either a patient’s place of residence, healthcare, primary care or any other social care facilities  is  delivered to the highest standards.

SMT Ambulance Service will only ever provide fully qualified and certificated staff to undertake patient contact /transport. Patients are welcomed, always accommodated and treated with the upmost of care.

Vehicles are new and have quality equipment in order to provide comfort and safety.

With a dedicated crew and vehicle allocation will ensure all patients are treated with dignity and respect….. we go to great lengths to educate, develop and support our staff to “walk in the shoes” of patients.

Our training plan for staff captures their ability to deliver a patient experience that is second to none.

SMT Ambulance Service management and staff have acquired many years of experience in delivering high quality transport solutions across many NHS organisations.

We fully understand the requirements and success factors of delivering a time critical patient-focussed, efficient and effective Transport Service.

As such, we provide the full range of training, support, and on-going professional development to equip our employees with the appropriate skills and knowledge to provide a first class customer experience.

Specialist Medical Transport Ltd, (“The Company” / “SMT”) Aims to provide a quality service in accordance with, and adhering to, the codes and practices of the British Ambulance Association and the patients charter. It will also adapt and review all its practises to best suit any NHS Trust or private organisation requesting patient movements of any kind.

Our Philosophy

  • SMT recognises all patients in their care have the right to be transported with dignity in a safe and secure environment.
  • SMT will provide the best possible care.
  • SMT personnel are highly aware of, and respect, the individual needs of the patient, and their relatives.
  • SMT encourages patients and purchases to comment on the service they receive in an open manner.
  • SMT adopts a close working environment with their employees, where dialogue is encouraged and valued.
  • SMT will provide every member of staff with the opportunity to progress and enquire new skills.

The intention of this regulation is to make sure that providers deploy enough suitably qualified, competent and experienced staff to enable them to meet all other regulatory requirements described in this part of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. To meet the regulation, providers must provide sufficient numbers of suitably qualified, competent, skilled and experienced staff to meet the needs of the people using the service at all times and the other regulatory requirements set out in this part of the above regulations. Staff must receive the support, training, professional development, supervision and appraisals that are necessary for them to carry out their role and responsibilities. They should be supported to obtain further qualifications and provide evidence, where required, to the appropriate regulator to show that they meet the professional standards needed to continue to practise.


Specialist Medical Transport Ltd
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